Andy Behling

 Andy Behling, Co-Founder of MI Playground, is an adventure seeking, coffee drinking, father of two. Andy believes that success on social media is equal parts strategy and quality content. With fifthteen years of marketing experience, Andy joined in 2004 and has had a passion for social media ever since. 

Nick Behling

Nick Behling, Co-Founder of MI Playground, is an adventurer, creator, and weird thought thinker. Nick starts every day asking, "What am I going to make today?" Fueled by coffee and a desire to create, Nick's passion for content has led to endless unique experiences. Nick has ten years of experience in creating content for the travel and resort industry and he uses hos technical know-how and social media expertise to create powerful stories that breathe life into marketing. 

Create Content for the Speed of the Internet 

  Andy and Nick create daily content across social platforms. They are going to break down their strategy and give practical tips for creating impactful content that modern-day storytelling requires.


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