Jason Dodge

Jason Dodge is the Founder and Chief Strategist at search marketing firm, BlackTruck Media + Marketing. Combining his 17 years of industry experience with the efforts of holistic, human-centered thinking and technical search marketing tactics, Jason works with brands to be successful online through honest search marketing strategies. His background and experience spans many industries from travel and tourism, specialty retail to global manufacturing and large healthcare systems. With a continued passion for the ever-evolving world of search, Jason is a regular contributor to the Grand Rapids Business Journal and speaks on the subject of human-centered search engine optimization. 

Recognized as a 40 Under Forty Business Leader, he is active in the West Michigan community serving on the Executive Board of Directors for the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, the Leadership Counsel for Small Business Association of Michigan and guest lecturer at Grand Valley State University.

The Impact of Google Search on The Travel Industry

As individuals, we are programmed to go seek out the things we need, the experiences we desire, and solutions to our problems. Google has continued to shift away from its original model as a search engine and is viewed more as an answer engine. With search continuing to evolve and sites like Google playing a large role in travel and tourism marketing, how do you keep up? 


In the world of the "on-demand" shopper, deciphering between the trip planners and in-destination bookers can be critical in not only gaining traction for your destination but getting those travelers to spend more once they've arrived. In this session, Jason outlines the series of changes that have drawn a line in the sand for many destination marketers. Attendees will walk away with key insights on search, its changes, and the impact this will have on the travel and tourism industry moving forward. 


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