Lacey Churchill

Lacey is an Account Executive at StackAdapt, a Self-Serve Programmatic Advertising Platform/DSP. She has been working in programmatic advertising at StackAdapt for one and a half years, and before that was at eBay selling ad space publisher direct. With experience working across all industries including tourism, higher education, automotive, hospitality, etc. she's a pro at finding targeted audiences throughout their online journey.

Make Progromatic Advertising Your Campaign Destination To Reach Travel Audiences

When you are a digital marketing expert in your industry, you tend to think of how you advertise as ‘normal’.  This is your chance to see how to shake up your digital marketing strategy with tactics like travel and tourism-focused audience segmentation, multi-layered targeting tools, location in-market triggering, etc.  The team at StackAdapt will show you how to disrupt your digital advertising to get outstanding results.


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